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Dog Training and Choosing a Professional Dog Trainer

There are so many things to consider when choosing a dog trainer. It is essential to find an experienced and professional trainer.

You need to find a trainer who is certified through a specialized organization which trains dogs. Check how many years the trainer has been teaching. Years of experience cannot guarantee you the positive results but it helps in determining if they have the ability to continue in their profession.

Dog Trainer Singapore

A trainer can make a dog obedient and behave correctly the rest of his life. However, you need someone who not only has years of experience, but also guarantee their support and advice. You can ask them some basic questions in order to make sure that the trainer you choose can train your dog properly.

Dog Training

A good trainer will use the techniques which are compatible with your dog’s usual mood. All the dogs do not respond in the same way. Some of them respond better to certain approaches.

Dog Training Singapore

Patrick Wong is a certified dog trainer and owner of popular Waggie’s Pet Care. He has years of experience in conducting obedience training class.

Dog Training School

At Waggie’s Pet Care, we work hard to improve the relationship between you and your puppy. Our mission is to create happier dogs and happier families.

We help you communicate with your dog so it understands you. With Waggie’s Pet Care, the dog will learn to modify its behavior.


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Some Simple Facts About Dog Training Explained

Sometimes dealing with a new puppy becomes very frustrating. However, our life would be very easier if we could get through this stage.

If we do not handle the situation calmly, it will affect the future efforts in training. Do not let your frustration turn into anger or hit him. If we will try to handle the situation with patience then, it would be easier to teach the other important behaviors to our dog.

Waggie's Pet Care - Dog Training Sin

-You should keep your puppy in a controlled area. The area should be small and contain a place for your puppy to rest. A dog never likes to make his personal area unclean. Keep this in mind and follow some of the other suggestions mentioned below if you want your life easier.

-You need to prepare a strict schedule for your dog and it will help in making the dog more obedient. Don’t miss to get him up and take outside in every morning. It should be your first responsibility towards your cute pet at the beginning of a day.

Waggie's Pet Care

-It is better to take him out to the same place every day. Create a command for every action. Your commands have no meaning as long as the dog will not recognize and relate that word with the task. Do not forget to praise him when he has done the things right.

Waggie's Pet Care - Dog Training

There are many dog schools to choose from. Some are like boarding schools where you can send your puppy for a certain period of time and have them returned completely obedient. Others are very common where the instructors interact with both you and your dog. Check the instructor’s qualification and experience before you send your dog to that school.


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Mandate Dog Obedience Training For Your Beloved Dogs

Dog is a learning animal. They have a tendency of memorizing the actions if repeated regularly which rarely seen in other animals. If you have a dog you must not want, it would behave wired. Everyone wants his or her dog should be well trained and well mannered. How it feel like hell when your dearest dog does some wired or unmannered actions in front of your guests. It hurts much as both of your dog and your guests are similarly close to you and you never expect any kind of rubbish would happen. That is why dog obedience training is mandatory to make your dog well mannered.

Dog Obedience Training

Really, it hurts if you see your dogs

shouting at your guests

running any where

biting anybody

Dogs generally bark when they meet the strangers, even they shouted at people if they are in a bad mood, which most of the times creates displeasing situation for you. Here only a proper training to your dog can make it more wiser, skillful and keeps you away from this kind of unpleasant situation.

If you are the owner of a cute, beloved dog in Singapore then, you must send them to most demanding dog training school at Singapore.

Dog School Singapore

To train the dog you have to practice some stimulus, which provides them information what to do as soon as it gets the signal. After getting cues repeatedly, the dogs get themselves habituated of the actions and do accordingly whatever you instruct them.

Some of the basic cues:-

One of the greatest cues to teach a dog first time when you start its training is “Sit”. First, make them aware of some basic signals like sitting etc. When you start to train them about some cues teach them the basics first. When you see any dog barking at your dogs just give the instruction to sit and when it obeys and sits courteously it never be a  misbehave.

Make the dogs be practicing of every cue. If your dog is not responding to your cues, it means you have not tried well to proof your behavior.

Dog School

When your dog is outside home make sure, your dog is roped for the safety issue. Give them attractive and tasty dog food to create interest so that they can easily and quickly catch your cues.

Dog training video- a great tool:-

A great medium to teach your dogs is dog-training video. It can be a great tool, which brings positiveness for your dogs those are under-trained. It is just like a guideline to follow successful dog training. Just guide your dog following all the directions and it will highly effective for your dogs.

All your dogs should be properly trained to learn good manners.


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Dog training-What to look after

Every dog should be properly trained, as they are obedient and learning quickly in comparison to any other animal. You can find some tips that must be followed by the dog trainers so that that will be effective and your dog can catch all the cues easily.

Dog training should be effective

Training that is given to your dog must be effective. A poor training can destroy the relationship between your beloved dog and you. Therefore, it should not be the case. A dog training not only makes the dog obedient but also it requires for the safety of the dog, and help them to live a quality life.

Dog Trainer

Dog Trainer

Consistent training helps the dog a lot

Dog training will be effective if you start it when they are puppies. In addition, the main thing is that the training should be consistent. Means one trainer should give it. If the trainer goes on changing then, it may be difficult for the dogs to catch the cues.

Dog Trainer Singapore

Dog Trainer Singapore

It should be fun

When training is conducted, you must have one thing in mind that you have to train your pet cleanly and with fun. The dogs will be easily catching your instructions if there is fun during the training time. So try to train more than 5 to 6 dogs at a time.

It helps maintaining a good relation with the owner

Dog obedience training should be in such a way so that it can keep a good relation with the owner. Carrying a good relation with its owner should be the main point of your training so that a dog can be able to protect your house from thieves and save you from any risky circumstances.

Get affordable training

In somewhere, your pet training can cost more or a poor training can push you towards frustration.  However, you can avoid the high cost. Dog Training School Singapore will be quite affordable to you and your dogs can be properly trained here. They not only take the help of trainers but also teach them with the help of training videos.

A dog can be a great friend of you. In addition, if you train them they will be more familiar with you and the environment it belongs to.

To carry your dog to the training school is not a difficult task. However, you have to come up and should do a little for your dog and it will both be helpful for the dog and its owner.


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Know the Basics of Dog Training

Dogs are the only animals, you can blindly believe on them. They are very helpful and faithful to humans. You can keep them as your guards. They are the animals but work not less than humans are. They are like your friends and protector. So now home training is getting very much popular. We should be grateful to those efficient and reliable dog trainers. If you have already, a healthy and strong dog then gives him some training.


Humans can easily grab the knowledge and training they take but it is a little difficult in case of dogs to train them in your way. It takes a long time. You have to repeat many times the same action you want to teach them. Giving training to your dog is an interesting one. No one is there who does not want to train his or her dogs. It will be a wonderful experience to train your dogs.

One of the parts of the dog training is reward training. This is the interesting one. It is the parts of the training where the dogs are given commands and the reward is generally given to the best follower.

Clicker training is the best example of dog training. A clicker sound is produced every time the dog is going to perform an action when the dog is taking training. A treat is always come with the trick at the starting of the clicker training. After sometime when the dog is habituated with the clicker sound, simply the treat is not going accompanied the clicker anymore. The dog understands it is the time to perform the task even also after removing the clicker sound. In this training period, they are taught how it is important to listen their masters’ commands and how they can be more faithful to them.

Among all these, the obedience training given to the dogs are more important. Now it is available online. You can learn how to make your dog obedient to his master just by browsing. It is not so much difficult to train your dogs at home also if you really interested to give your dogs training. Everything you require at the time of training, you can get just by a number of clicks. Dog training is the right of every dog. It is not like that, you make your dogs train when you require it. You should have to be a little more concern about your dogs. Do not get their skills wasted. Let them train and be more intelligent.

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