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Dog Training and Choosing a Professional Dog Trainer

There are so many things to consider when choosing a dog trainer. It is essential to find an experienced and professional trainer.

You need to find a trainer who is certified through a specialized organization which trains dogs. Check how many years the trainer has been teaching. Years of experience cannot guarantee you the positive results but it helps in determining if they have the ability to continue in their profession.

Dog Trainer Singapore

A trainer can make a dog obedient and behave correctly the rest of his life. However, you need someone who not only has years of experience, but also guarantee their support and advice. You can ask them some basic questions in order to make sure that the trainer you choose can train your dog properly.

Dog Training

A good trainer will use the techniques which are compatible with your dog’s usual mood. All the dogs do not respond in the same way. Some of them respond better to certain approaches.

Dog Training Singapore

Patrick Wong is a certified dog trainer and owner of popular Waggie’s Pet Care. He has years of experience in conducting obedience training class.

Dog Training School

At Waggie’s Pet Care, we work hard to improve the relationship between you and your puppy. Our mission is to create happier dogs and happier families.

We help you communicate with your dog so it understands you. With Waggie’s Pet Care, the dog will learn to modify its behavior.


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Sessions that Ensure Accuracy in Pet Training Methods

Puppy kindergarten classes are organized in various parts of the world with a view to getting the young pups organized by providing dog training programs. When a puppy is small it is much easier training it and when there are interactive sessions, they automatically learn a lot faster. It starts with house training, learning the behavior of the animal, understanding the nuances of social acceptability along with nurturing the pet. This is all conducted in a free and open manner to inculcate a relationship with the animal, the trainer as well as the owner. It pays to be present while the pup is being taught a few rudimentary steps to let it know that you care. It has been noted that animals bond very easily when they trust someone and it is advisable for the owner to be present, especially if one loves the pet.

 Waggie Pet Care

Waggie's Pet Care - Waggie Jr

Waggie's Pet Care - Waggie Jr

There is another side to the story where the dog training Singapore programs teaches the animal about other aspects. For instance many people with visual problems can be in a happier space if they have a pet with them. Animals are also ideal as watch dogs to ensure that thieves and other nefarious elements are kept away from their belongings. Police dogs are trained to sniff out the bad guys and to detect any negative substances if any. Many culprits have been booked for serious offences in various parts of the globe because of these sniffer dogs that are a boost in keeping away hardened criminals.


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Find a Good Obedience training School For Your Dog

Dog Obedience Training for behavior is generally a system that needs effective participation of both the proprietor and the dog. The whole dog training instructs them how to connect with each other successfully. In case you do not know, dog training for behavior is important to making a powerful and near connection with your dog.



Dog Obedience Training for actions is something you should begin from the very day your dog comes at your front door. It is not something you can hesitate or wait as your dog would easily type its routines. It can become challenging in the future to modify and appropriate any dog actions problems like extreme woofing, eating etc as they stay more time at your home. Keep in mind that dog actions training is a great way of interacting and developing relationship with your best buddy. It also guarantees he/she is under control and secure for the whole family.

Jr 9

To accomplish that,dog training is the most effective and fastest way to speed up the dog training for behavior of your dog.




Dog training for actions need not be boring and complicated. Find out Waggie’s Pet Care, the most acclaimed dog training school in Singapore.We provides best professional dog obedience training with behavior modifications and other dog friendly training techniques.

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Some Simple Facts About Dog Training Explained

Sometimes dealing with a new puppy becomes very frustrating. However, our life would be very easier if we could get through this stage.

If we do not handle the situation calmly, it will affect the future efforts in training. Do not let your frustration turn into anger or hit him. If we will try to handle the situation with patience then, it would be easier to teach the other important behaviors to our dog.

Waggie's Pet Care - Dog Training Sin

-You should keep your puppy in a controlled area. The area should be small and contain a place for your puppy to rest. A dog never likes to make his personal area unclean. Keep this in mind and follow some of the other suggestions mentioned below if you want your life easier.

-You need to prepare a strict schedule for your dog and it will help in making the dog more obedient. Don’t miss to get him up and take outside in every morning. It should be your first responsibility towards your cute pet at the beginning of a day.

Waggie's Pet Care

-It is better to take him out to the same place every day. Create a command for every action. Your commands have no meaning as long as the dog will not recognize and relate that word with the task. Do not forget to praise him when he has done the things right.

Waggie's Pet Care - Dog Training

There are many dog schools to choose from. Some are like boarding schools where you can send your puppy for a certain period of time and have them returned completely obedient. Others are very common where the instructors interact with both you and your dog. Check the instructor’s qualification and experience before you send your dog to that school.


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How To Stop Your Dog From Biting

No matter how adorable your dog or puppy is, if it is biting on you and your family members and guests, he or she probably needs dog training to stop it. Dog’s biting habits are normal. You can control it with proper teaching to change his or her biting behaviors. In this article, I have discussed few guidelines on how to train your dog not to bite. Have a look!

Tips and Guidelines –

  • First off, understand that some dogs have a chewing problem and it is not always a case of aggressiveness. Some puppies missed the teaching that a mother dog teaches him or her during the younger age through several actions, which eventually became a lesson for the puppy that he or she does not forget.

Waggie's Pet Care

However, those puppies, which are adopted at the very young age, miss the opportunity to learn that lesson from his or her mother, which you need to teach them by yourself.

Dog Training

  • To divert puppy’s attention, purchase some chew toys to avoid biting on your face or the furniture legs. There many assortments of toys are available these days you can purchase from the dog stores. Many pet owners who have problem with dog’s chewing habits often seem buying toys. You can do the same to avoid your dog from biting people at least.
  • When the dog bites you, handle it as his or her mother. You can either make a noise to let the dog know you are hurt or you can leave the room just as the mother dog would. These actions will minimize the biting habit gradually. You can also be a little harsh on him by locking him or her up for a while, but do not lock him/ her up too long. Well, practice this regularly until the dog does not quit this behavior.

Dog Trainer

  • When you see, your dog begins to bite you or something, distract him/ her by shouting on him/ her to sit. Once the dog reacted, just tap on his nose saying “bad dog” in a firm voice. It will get his/ her attention to stop the unwanted behavior. Do it every time with consistency, because at the end you will see that your dog has stopped biting people and things.

Other tips to try –

Remember, if you find difficulties to train your dog, you can always hire dog trainers. Note that, Singapore has many dog-training opportunities available; if you belong to Singapore then it is very easy for you to train your dog not to bite.

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Tips to choose one of the best Dog Schools Singapore

Choosing a dog school for your beloved, little, cute, puppy is not a difficult task at all. It can be undertaken in a few days. All of those who have a puppy at their homes they always want them to be properly behaved and that is why they need to properly train.

Dog Training

However, when you think of providing training for them definitely you have to spend some money on it. The training definitely needs some money and you need to carry out a research that will make you sure that your investment is worth it. Besides, you need some legwork on some points that are very crucial here to find out a training school. You will definitely have a good result if you go through all these processes properly. There are many ways that you can go through. When it comes to choosing a school in this case, you need to do some preparation.

Dog Trainer Singapore

Every dog owner loves to train their dogs and make them obey and obedient. Below are some tips to choose a good training school which can be a proper investment of your money.

The first step is common that everybody follows and here I also recommend you to follow the internet which is your foremost step towards selecting a good training organization. Sometimes you can find people posting their reviews and forums. You can view all of those bad and good comments.

Dog Training School

The internet service is very effective. You can get maximum information just by sitting in your home. You do not need to go outside of your home. You can get everything with all your home comforts. You can easily access all the information till you have a computer with internet connection. You can take help of some keywords that will make you reach at some potential results that help you finding the exact result you are expected of.  You can have a look around all the facilities that are provided by different schools. All these will be a guiding point in selecting a school that has all that you need to make your puppy properly trained.

Dog Training School Singapore

The next step you should do is inquiring all about on the phone. The advantage you will get though talking over phone is you can get all your required information and you need not to go physically from one school to another. Use the contact numbers you have found on websites. This helps you get answered all of your questions.

After all these, you should narrow down the list of schools by selecting a few of them.

Then you should go on one to one visit to the schools you have selected. You should ask them about training courses and everything that will help you find out one of the best Dog Training School Singapore.


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The Most Effective Dog Training Advice You Could Rarely Got

The dog lovers always want their dogs to be trained specially. So always, they are in search of some effective advice that makes the dogs calmly obey to you. If you are searching for proper advice to train your dog then surely this article helps you a lot. The

First class dog training advice seriously makes your way easily and you will find the exact way where to start. First of all, you have to study what your dog wants and how to make them trained of your commands.

Dog Trainer Singapore

Dog Trainer Singapore

We all love to see our dogs following some of our advice like sit, stand, stay, rollover and chasing someone interlopers.

Most of us believe that the dog is a cunning animal and it responds to the stimuli very first. However, it is not the fact. They just react to any of your action and always wants to be a part of you and your surroundings. So the first thing you need to understand is, if you want to make them adjust to any types of denial behavior then do not shout or instruct them anything loudly. Just watch their instincts and reactions to your instructions properly. This would be probably the best method to train your dogs.

Dog training school Singapore considers some key factors when they train their dogs that would make the training far easier.

Dog Training School

Dog Training School

It is less difficult to train your pup as they have fewer tendencies to adapt themselves to some of the bad habits. They are like kids. What you teach them, they would easily grab all your commands with a short period. Therefore, you definitely need less effort to train your beloved dogs.

Dog Training School Singapore

Dog Training School Singapore

Some of the training institutes are there which make your pets aware right at the moment they commit any types of mistakes. This makes your dog not to repeat the same mistake and the dogs make them adapted to all the new commands. Anything you are instructing to your pets it should not be in a loud voice. Do not make them go through a heavy punishment. It creates some kind of harassment, which can result into aggressive behavior.

Make your dog accustomed to a leash.  Make sure you are using this while they are taking their meals. Dogs obviously do not want to get themselves tied with a rope. However, this is the most effective trick that would make the dog obey to your commands.

The most important key factor is patience. Do not lose your heart in the middle of the training. This piece of advice would best help you. The training may continue for several months and at least it would wonder you presenting the most faithful and obedient dog.


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